CRM A​rchitect /
Sales F​unnel Designer /
​WP Web Developer ​​

Digital ​​Nomad

I teach people how to travel around the world and make money from their laptop. Let me show you the ways of the new age digital nomad.

​It's All About Em' 

My Current Ventures & Partnerships

​Build a ​Blog School

I'm launching a school soon to help people create a life of freedom. It's a simple guide on how to build a blog and automate an income.

​SMB Master

​Web ​development, CRM ​architecture, ​sales ​funnel ​design, WordPress web development, lead generation, ​membership​, eComm, and more...

​JV Web N​inja

​I partner​ with social media celebrities with millions of followers and monetize their web traffic with sales funnels by building them member/ecomm websites.

​Dating, Love & Sex Tips

​I partnered with Celebrity Matchmaker Carmelia Ray ​to bring you 'Dating, Love & Sex Tips' It's a blog to help people find the love of their life.

​Built to Inspire

​I created a blog simple to share a lot of inspiration in the world. I've reached over 3,000,000 visitors. I did not monetize this website.

​A​lexandra Beth

​I partnered with Alexandra's Girly Talk Superstar Alexandra Beth (2.5 Million YouT​ube S​ubscribers) to bring you a blog about beauty and positivity.

​Andivero Photo

​I partnered ​with world renowned fitness photographer Paul Buceta to bring you a school for photographers looking to shoot glamour and fitness.

STRONG Fitness Mag

​​I partnered with STRONG Fitness Mag to bring you the STRONG Membership Community. It's a place for women who live to be fit.

​FF Model Academy

​I partnered with ​the CEO of Femme Fatale Media Emily Lyons to bring you a school for girls who are looking to build a brand and enter the modeling world.

​Muscle Intelligence

​I built a website for Ben Pakulski, the creator of the MI40 Muscle B​uilding Programs​ which is one of the most sold fitness programs in the affiliate world.

​Hustle for Love

​I partnered with Celebrity Matchmaker Carmelia Ray to bring you an online course for men over 40 on how to attract ​love through online dating.

​City Social Pass

​I partnered with Adam Julian, Toronto Nightlife and Events Expert to bring you an annual pass to get access to the best nightclubs and restaurants in the city.

My Dev/Web Services

​One-on-One Consult

​Let create your million dollar blueprint. A one hour consult with me can change your life and online business.

Investment: $450/hr

​One Day Smash

​Want a fully designed and developed WordPress site with eCommerce ​all connected to an automated crm?

Investment: $4500​/day

​Two Day Ninja Site

​Want ​to add a fully custom membership portal and FB pixels to your site all connected to an automated crm?

Investment: $​3750/day

​CRM Architecture

​Let me create all your funnel flows and automations in your crm. ​

Investment: $​1000+

​Sales F​unnel ​Design

​Let me create your sales funnels and setup a/b testing and analytics.

Investment: $​1000+

​Web Development

​Fully complete WordPress web development & graphic design.

Investment: $1000+


​Making 35K in 2 Weeks

  • ​Learn how one of my clients made $37,000+ in two weeks from selling a 12 week fitness challenge.
  • ​Learn step-by-step how everything was done - nothing to hide.
  • ​For beginners with no technical skill - it's that easy!
​in two weeks

​​D​igital Nomad Life

​For the last 9 years I've been traveling around the world. All I need to live is my laptop and WiFi. Let me teach you step-by-step how to create your own freedom life and make money online with a WordPress blog website.

​Sa​y Hello!

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